The story about Molde

Molde Fjordhotell is located on the edge of the wharf in the district of Reknes in Molde. The town developed as a settlement in the 16th century. Export of timber primarily to Holland created urban development. The origin of the name is the large farm Molde (today Moldegård), which means “good soil”. The city, which received city status in 1742, today has approx. 30,000 inhabitants.

Over the years, the city has been the administrative city for the entire region, formerly Romsdals Amt, today Møre and Romsdal county. Through different eras, Molde has had various important industries such as; maritime industry (at most 5 engine factories), many clothing factories and large tourist traffic.

The city is known as the CITY OF ROSES, the Molde panorama, the Molde International Jazz Festival, an important literature festival, the Bjørnson Festival and Molde Football Club. Romsdalsmuseet is one of the country’s important regional museums