Electric car chargers from Koble – Now available at the hotel

Our electric car chargers are operated by Kople. You can start and stop charging with an app or charging chip from Kople or one of their partners. Read which apps or charging chips you can use here: kople.no/roaming. Alternatively, you can use drop-in payment with a bank card by scanning the QR code on the charger.

How to create a user in the “Koble” App:

-Download the app on Google Play or Apple Store
-Create a user with the desired email address
-Confirm creation of the user via email.
-Log in to the app
-Click on “Profile” and “Payment methods”, and add a payment method

It is extra easy to start and stop charging with a Kople charging chip. How to order this for free in the Kople app:

-Click on the Menu icon and “Order charging chip”.
-Select Connect RFID charging key, and add to shopping basket
-Go to shopping cart, click “Continue” and check that the address is correct
-Add the payment method you wish to use to pay for the charging sessions
-Click “Submit”. You will receive the charging chip in the post in a few working days. The charging chip is then ready for use on all Kople’s public chargers.

There is a Kople price for charging if you use the Kople app, charging chip or drop-in payment.
Here you will find information about charging prices: